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My story

Hi, I'm Kat!

I spent the last decade co-creating start-ups and consulting corporate clients during my time as a strategy consultant at Deloitte UK. In the early stages of my career, I helped clients in the financial services industry to get from current to target state by analysing, designing and implementing strategies for specific business units or the company as a whole. I worked for companies like Goldman Sachs, HSBC and UBS, to name just a few.  

When I left the corporate world in 2018, I co-founded and built digital ventures in SEA as a venture partner. However, soon I realised I did not contribute to a mission I was meant to pursue, something I felt truly connected and called to do. In short, I was missing purpose.  

Here I was, the 28 years old who left a safe job thinking entrepreneurship was the answer to all my desires. In reality, I had just gone from one trap (corporate world) to another one (meaningless entrepreneurship). 

These lessons were by far the most impactful on my career thus far. 

They are why I am now committed to helping conscious entrepreneurs with missions to improve the world and make humans a healthier species to ignite and live their highest potential.

Fair to say, on my journey, I have learned a thing or two about what makes companies and people succeed and fail… which is why I help my clients to:

  1. Get clarity on where they are at (I mean, where they are really at)

  2. Find alignment between their why with the company's assets, AND

  3. Strategically plan and execute how they grow from current to target state

Talk to me about consciousness, personal growth, purpose and spirituality in business (have you checked out my podcast yet?), meditation, running, silent retreats, Australia, horses, any types of nuts (macadamia being my favourite), sweet potatoes and pumpkin.

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