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I feel so inspired and humbled for having the chance to come together in this space with so many amazing individuals! So much wisdom was shared and it really inspires me! 🙏🏻 My deepest gratitude for everyone being part of this Circle and sharing yourself!

– An inspired soul

Thank you very much for organizing this. I think it is absolutely phenomenal. This is the second time that I'm coming on and it's so remarkable to actually see different perspectives of how people can shift and change and how we can really observe that we are not only this groovy body that we have. Such amazing stories I've heard – it really makes me feel awesome to be here.

– A fellow change maker

Thank you for having created such a safe space with such beautiful music at the start of the session. It completely took me to some space, which I didn't know, but it was all Oneness and very deep and profound.

– A connected human

I must say I was a bit wiggly (don’t really know what I mean with this word, but it sounded right 🤪) before the Unapologetically awake meet yesterday. Then, just being with all of those beautiful light beings in one session felt so comforting. It ignited in me a spart of faith 😌.

– A "wiggly" participant

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for creating a very special space yesterday! I learned so much, and I left feeling inspired, light, serene and all the good feels! Thank you for creating this space for exploration, inspiration and connection!

– A grateful soul

Just want to extend my thanks and appreciation for what was an incredibly well-organised session. It was great to be able to share my experiences and hear those of others.


I can’t think of any way in which I would improve it, it was very free-flowing and the breakout rooms made it possible to speak in smaller groups and give everybody a chance to use words.

– A beautiful being

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