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How To Break Out Of A Broken System And Lead The Change

Photo by Ross Findon

How do we break out of a system that does not serve humanity (anymore)?

We break out through a radical individual awakening and up-levelling of our collective consciousness.

It takes one at a time...

We don't wait for our friends or family to join us or expect them to follow (they will, in their own time).

Instead, we fully awaken to our highest self, our purpose, face reality and the fact that unless we actively co-create our future, we will be absorbed in it like a piece of trash in the dumpster.

We HAVE to take the courage and audacity to rethink and redesign the meaning of life and work and what we want people to remember us for on our deathbed (spoiler: it's not "She was such a hard worker" or "He neglected his children to optimise the biggest nonsense department of his company!").

The beauty is that when one awakens, he or she gives permission and power to the next person to do the same.

Yes — it is a slow change. Let's be realistic.

But that's because all systems take time to be created...

and therefore they need some time to be dismantled.

However, you can create a radical revolution in your own life immediately by making conscious choices and committing to your personal growth.

You can choose not to subscribe to participate in the old ways of doing business NOW.

It all starts with your choice to take charge and create a better reality for yourself and the people around you.

If we don't start with ourselves, we self-sabotage by pretending one person doesn't have the power to change anything — and that's just an excuse not to live up to our highest potential and make a positive contribution to this world.

How are YOU creating change TODAY?

By Katharina Kugler, Founder humanplus

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