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New Systems And Structures Cannot Solve Problems If They Don’t Come From A Place Of Purified Intent

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

New systems and structures cannot solve problems if they don’t come from a place of purified intention.

You can’t solve a systemic problem by simply replacing the system but not the software.

It has to be solved by people who received an upgrade of their software…

Whose actions are fueled by the purity of their intentions…

Who lead the implementation of change with love and compassion.

Now — do love and compassion alone solve the problem?

No, it doesn’t.

But it does heal the pains of the heart.

And from a place of healing and balance…

We can use strategy and mindset to create new systems that encompass our purified intentions.

Therefore, if you do not solve the pains of the heart first…

And leaders aren’t naturally wired to serve the new system through the purity of intent…

They will end up manipulating and abusing the system for individual gain.

Only when individuals of power, responsibility and influence come from a place of inherent love and compassion, new systems will work.

Written by Katharina Kugler

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