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What Meditation Really Does, For Your Soul And Humanity

The way meditation is used in the mainstream covers only a tiny bit of the incredible benefits it can truly have on your soul and the whole of humanity. This article attempts to explain the significance of meditation beyond it simply being another health & wellness trend.

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Meditation and mindfulness practices are hot topics and rank high on Google Search results right now. Many high performing athletes and successful entrepreneurs have been talking about its countless benefits for mind, body and soul. Many wonderful businesses have emerged to serve those new customer needs.

It is indeed a great tool for anyone seeking to reprieve from the intensity of the world, recenter and reset themselves and through this process, see an increase in their performance at work and/or find themselves with more clarity and peace throughout the day. There are many more benefits such as better mental health, reduced stress, better concentration, more focus and clarity, less anxiety etc… Which is generally great progress and inevitability will help humanity to become a healthier species from the inside out.

However, these benefits cover only a tiny bit of the incredible impact meditation can have on your soul and indeed the whole of humanity. People don’t talk about it, because it is hard to explain and even harder to sell what cannot be put in words. Yet here I am attempting to do it anyway. :-)

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So what is it about then, you ask?

Meditation in its purest form and ancient purpose helps to connect with Source energy and retain into a state of Oneness. You may also refer to this state as Consciousness, connecting with God, the Universe, etc. … but let’s not get hung up on the words, because in the end, we are all talking about the same thing.

This “hidden reality” in our awareness can be accessed through stillness.

It is the reality where we find our true self, our soul's essence, our life’s purpose.

It is the state of Unity.

It is the state of Peace.

It is the state of pure Consciousness.

The place where we came from and where we will return to when our physical bodies die. It is our Home.

So when we begin to meditate with a certain intention and enter into the unified field of consciousness, what happens is that we can become aware of ourselves as three-dimensional beings (mind, body, spirit) that is a part of the entire Universe.

Because the whole Universe is consciousness, you, too, are consciousness.

As a matter of fact, you are the Universe (you may need to read that twice to fully grasp what I am saying here).

Now – when we merge our consciousness with the unified field, we start to experience our true essence and move beyond any mind-made separation (you vs. me, pleasure vs. pain, good vs. bad). This is a good thing, because nothing positive ever came from the illusion that we are separate from each other!

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Experiencing expanded states of consciousness

Through meditation we can experience:

  1. Wholeness: Mind, body and soul are not three separate entities, but designed to work together harmoniously.

  2. Oneness: “You”, “I”, and “They” don’t exist because we understand that any form of separation is merely an illusion of the mind and that as long as we exist within the realm of the Universe, there is only “Us”.

  3. Our most natural state: Stillness is not a trend, and meditation is not a buzzword. It is who we are, it is where all life begins and all life ends and therefore it is our most natural state. We don’t need to learn it, we simply need to remember who we are.

  4. Pure awareness: In the state of pure awareness you can connect with yourself and establish a dialogue with your soul; “Who am I? What is my purpose?” The answer to life’s most pressing questions can only be found within yourself.

Photo by Noorulabdeen Ahmad on Unsplash

The next step in our evolution has to do with increasing our consciousness, individually and collectively

The points that I mentioned above are more or less “entry point” realisations, from which new dimensions, new worlds, new paradigms can open up – but, I will leave all that for another time…

Those who know how to sell sexy “health & wellness” trends may have an easier game getting meditation to the masses than those that talk about Source energy and realising the Oneness in all to raise the planetary frequency (and create healthier humans to begin with).

However, if we truly want to improve Life on planet Earth, let’s also start to create awareness around the immense power that meditation holds in its purest form.

Before you go –

If you are an entrepreneur, leader, creator, … and want to upgrade your consciousness for above-named reasons, you can learn more about our programmes & community at or you can work with me directly (send me a message on Linkedin).

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